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Angie Botts, food lover and fitness fanatic, understands firsthand how difficult it can be to find the perfect balance between a diet and exercise program that not only works, but transcends into a lifestyle.
The Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist has personally endured effects of both extremes when it comes to nutrition and working out; experiencing an unrealistic schedule consisting of 3 a day workouts and strict diet plan, to a completely sedentary lifestyle involving tater tots and frozen pizza.  Angie’s goal is to help others maintain a balanced lifestyle through education, body awareness and a healthy mindset.  Too often we view diet and exercise as an all or nothing game that is impossible to win.  Little do we realize that a lot of what we think is helping is in reality harming us and keeping us farther from our goals.
Angie has a dream to create a community where you can gain knowledge, share experiences and ideas with people in similar shoes, be motivated and motivate others.  A place where you can be pushed up for possibly the first time in your life. is a place where you can leave your past trials towards achieving your ideal health or weight behind you and grow into a new, improved version of yourself.  One that you can finally be proud of, every day.  Angie knows that this is an entire lifestyle change because she has helped others and lived through the transition herself.  The Louisville resident is a living example that it is never about perfection, but about personal growth and happiness.  Your new shape will only be a part of your transition along with increased confidence and a new found appreciation for life!
Graduated from Arizona State University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics and Exercise & Wellness
Performance Nutrition Intern at Athletes’ Performance 2008-2009, Arizona
Performance Coach Intern at Athletes’ Performance 2008-2009, Arizona
Nutritionist/Exercise Specialist/Medical Assistant at a Medically Supervised Weight loss Clinic 2009-2011, South Carolina
GM/Wellness Director/Group Exercise Instructor at Lifestart Wellness 2012-2015, Illinois
NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Schwinn Spin Certified, TRX Certified, Biomechanics Coach Level 1 Certified, Health Coach Certified

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