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Going back to #foodlover, #active follows closely behind!  Because of our love for food, we must stay active!  An immediate family member (I’ll refer to him as Papito), literally said to me,

“You two better never stop working out.  It’ll be like two bowling balls rolling around!!”

As frightening an image as that is, he’s probably spot on with that one, except I would become a ball first considering my 5’4” frame… not attractive.  My husband is 6’4” so spaghetti & meatball comes to mind…

Louisville Personal Trainer

Every day we struggle to find balance between our busy schedules and doing what’s best for our bodies.  This is something you may be able to relate to – balancing between work and rest,  whole foods and processed junk foods,  career and family time, excess and not enough.  It can be a full time job and it’s always so easy to fall back into old habits that we already find comfortable.

Keep in mind that it’s about progress, not perfection.  My #fitfam will attest to my broken record of sayings we’ve all heard thousands of times.  Progress, not perfection being one of them!  I know I am guilty of this myself and I have my own arsenal of excuses ready to launch, but who knows, maybe one of these times we’ll actually hear the words we’re saying!

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