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What Midwestern girl isn’t??  Ask us Chicagoans about our pizza or hotdogs and get ready for an opinion!

Angie Botts Fitness Chicago pizza

Angie Botts Fitness hot dog

It’s no secret that one of my husband’s and my favorite things to do is enjoy a good meal, whether that means trying a new restaurant in town, an old favorite, or whipping up a new recipe at home!  We love to share our favorites and yes, I’m “that girl” who is constantly taking pictures of her food!  You’re welcome!

Louisville Personal Trainer

Follow along as we photograph our eats and share our favorite recipes!  A huge part of changing our food habits is variety!  The thought of boiled chicken and steamed broccoli every night is enough to lose my attention mid-sentence.  The idea is to create food options that are realistic and sustainable, and if you’re like me, fun to look at!  Who doesn’t LOVE pretty food??  I hope that you will share your favorites as well!



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