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The other day I was asked to describe Faith in my own words.  After a long pause and a cricket choir, I realized how difficult a question that was to answer.

Faith is an ever evolving area of our lives, an area some of us choose not to fully acknowledge until we’re pressed with a glaring issue or an unfortunate circumstance.  It can make some of us uncomfortable because it’s an area of our life in which we have more questions than answers.  That’s why it’s faith.  Not only is it difficult to comprehend, but it is something you need to practice and work on daily, just like exercising and eating better!  (Wow, your schedule is really filling up with all of these daily practices isn’t it!)

This is an area I’ve personally been focused on lately, making more of an effort to consciously slow things down and center myself.  Instead of starting my day scrolling through emails and news on social media, I’ve chosen to take the first 5 minutes of my day with my cup of coffee and a book – something that feeds my soul.  Louisville Personal Trainer
I’ve found that I travel through my day with less worry and a greater sense of calmness by doing so.  Every day we are faced with challenges and negativity.  I’ve already noticed in the past couple of weeks that starting my day off this way has really decreased my stress and anxiety levels throughout the day.  This has helped me approach situations more light heartedly and see more clearly in those moments.  It’s also created a new excitement for reading, something I haven’t made the time to do in longer than I care to admit!  Watch for my growing book recommendation list as I rekindle this relationship!

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