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My husband and I were married November 21st, 2015 on beautiful Ft. Myers Beach.  This was the absolute best day!  I’m not usually very emotional or sappy, but when people say that there are no words to describe this feeling of love and support surrounding your special day, they’re 100% correct!  On one hand, having your whole family by your side to love and support you as they have from day one, and on the other, having a whole new loving family who care for you just as much, who get to watch as you transform into this new role and chapter in your life, and are there to support you in every way.

AngieBotts Wedding

It truly was an experience like no other in my entire life!  I’ve had people tell me “marriage is a wonderful experience” and “being a wife is the best feeling,” but until actually living it I could never put it into words.  Is everything always perfect?  No.  As much as I’d love to say yes, it’s not.  It’s something that you have to work hard at every day, but it’s so fulfilling to know you have someone who sees what you see and wants what you want (almost all of the time…) – someone you can share your goals and dreams with, and who loves you and thinks about you more than you think about yourself (and vice versa), and someone who has your back at all times and supports you every day.  It really is a beautiful thing that cannot be explained until it’s experienced.  I’m sure we will have our share of #NewlywedBlisster’s as they pop up (get it!).  Hopefully as our family grows and we are continually challenged in this life we can share our stories to help others work through their own challenges!UpLift Training Louisville

This isn’t about comparing who has a greater struggle.  This is about sharing our own experiences and lessons learned in order to help someone else who may be going through something similar.  Something you have approached in your life that you may find insignificant could be the words of encouragement that someone else really needs to hear!  Be a light for someone.  Inspire and give hope.

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